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Ramona as Eleven by BloodyWilliam Ramona as Eleven by BloodyWilliam
It's Ramona from Daria as Eleven from the Netflix series Stranger Things!
This image is done in the spirit of the Daria end credit sequence.

Ramona is a three-year-old whose family the Morgendorffers visit in the episode "College Bored." Her nose is runny and she wipes it on Quinn's pant leg. It's her only appearance. You can see her entry on the Daria Wiki here:…

And then there's Eleven, the tween-aged girl with telekinetic powers on "Stranger Things." She escapes a government-type facility and is taken in by some neighborhood boys around her age. They disguise her in this outfit.

Eleven has a shaved head and her nose bleeds when she overtaxes her telekinetic abilities. These made me think of Ramona, with her short hair cut and snot dripping out her nose.

Once again, had trouble with the hands. I re-drew them several time both on paper and digitally. They're... okay, I guess. Also, child body proportions are weird to me. I hope she looks like she's a three-year-old?

Pose reference: imperialstarletstock.deviantar…

Pencil on paper. Digital inking, colour, and effects in Adobe Photoshop 7.

Other Daria character alter egos:…
Or you can check me out on the Daria Wiki:…
Diabolik91 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2017
very nice.
Toongrrl Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017
I wonder how long Jake and Helen knew Ramona's parents (they act pretty close). Are they colleagues?

Ramona was cute. 

I love Daria and Stranger Things. 
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